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Pollarding a Tree

Pollarding is a pruning technique which has been used for centuries. It is a process where the crown of the tree is removed and only the main tree trunk remains with a few short branches remain. There are a few trees which allow for pollarding, such as the Oaks (Quercus), Gum (Eucalyptus), Elder (Sambucus), Limes (Tilia x europaea), Eucalyptus, Mulberry (Morus), Ash (Franxinus), Elms (Ulmus), some Acer (A. negundo and its cultivars) species, Tulip tree (Liriodendron) and London Plane Trees (Platanus x hispanica). Even if you tree is not mentioned here, it doesn’t mean pollarding is not an option. Our Hull tree surgeons will check every tree on a case by case basis. We also offer crown shaping services which could also be suitable for your type of tree.

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Why Pollard Trees

There are several reasons why pollarding is done such as:

  • To prevent trees from reaching a certain height
  • To prevent trees from damaging structures such as building or power cables
  • To reduce the amount of shade
  • Aesthetics
  • To promote lateral branch growth
  • An unhealthy tree which cannot pump water and nutrients to the canopy anymore. The stress reduction gives the tree another chance to survive.
  • In the past the technique was mainly used to quickly grow wood.

Pollarding should be performed on younger trees. They can grow back more easily than older trees. Once you start pollarding a tree you need to keep in mind that you must do it every few years. Branches should be pruned just above the previous cuts. The season to perform the service is mostly during the late winter or early spring, since it must be done when the tree is dormant, but it does depend on the type of the tree. Acer species for example should not be pruned in spring when they are prone to bleeding sap. Summer could then be a better option. Autumn should in general be avoided since decay fungi could enter the tree cuts from pruning.

Pollarded trees next to a sand road and a river
Trees in a field with a small shallow water next to it. The trees are all pollarded by a professional tree service in Hull
A tree crown which has been reduced using the pollarding technique
Tree maintenance by crown pollarding

Pollarding is a technique which you should not perform by yourself. Our professional arborists have the knowledge of the correct pruning technique and the types of trees it can be performed on. If pollarding is not performed correctly it can put both you and the trees in danger. Branches can break away if a tree is not frequently cut and this could hurt somebody. We can always send an arborist to check your trees status if you are in doubt.

If you would like to consider pollarding, we will come by for a survey. We will discuss together what your wishes are and what the goal is you are trying to achieve. We will give our advice to make sure every decision you make about your trees is an informed one.

If we go ahead with any service in your garden, we will also take care of the clean-up if you require this. We realise tree surgery is not always cheap, but we are making sure you get value for your money. A garden and trees are very precious resources which we want to care for, as well as for our customers who trust us to do a proper service.