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Keep your trees healthy at all times. Tree Service Hull is specialized in insect and disease control for trees.

Tree Disease Service Hull

Just like humans and animals, plants can also become victims of diseases and destructive insects. In the same vein, just as humans try to protect against diseases and pests, so also are trees and shrubs to be protected from pests and diseases lest they die.

We generally advise our clients to carry out preventive measures to prevent pests and diseases from becoming an issue in the first place. Prevention measures can mitigate any tree injury and it saves you from treatment expenses. But if your tree is already infested, don’t fret! Our certified arborists are here to help you diagnose what the problem is and decide on a suitable course of action for treating it. We look further than just disease control. We will check if your tree gets enough nutrients or might have been weakened due to ivy.

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Signs that your Trees have been Infested by Diseases or Insects

Thankfully, when a tree has been invaded by tree pests and diseases, certain symptoms show up. These symptoms help us know that something is wrong and that immediate action needs to be taken to prevent further tree injury or save the life of the tree. Here are some of the common symptoms to look out for.

  • Damage to the leaves: Once the leaves start to show signs of discoloration, or they appear twisted, or there are a lot of holes in them, then it's time to take action.
  • Decay: Open wounds and decay are an invitation to pests and diseases. The earlier they are handled, the better.
  • Excess Deadwood: The presence of deadwood is pretty normal for trees, what is abnormal however is when the number of deadwood becomes so much, then you know there is a problem.
  • The appearance of holes: Holes are most likely created by insects. These holes prevent the flow of nutrients and minerals within the body of the tree.
Leaves from a sick tree
Tree resin visible on a tree trunk
Tree leaves with insect disease
A tree trunk with white fungi on it

Common Tree Diseases and how to Treat them

Anthracnose: This shows up as brown spots with yellow outlines and usually results in holes on the leaves.
Treatment: Simply cut off the affected foliage.

Apple Scab: Scab on leaves. Affects crabapples leaves and fruit.
Treatment: Sulfide plant Fungicide application.

Cedar Rust: Rust-color leaf spots. On cedar and Juniperus species.
Treatment: Fungicide application.

Diplodia Tip Blight: Results in dead shoots in pine trees.
Treatment: Application of fungicide and pruning of infected parts.

Oak Wilt: Wilting and discoloration of the leaf
Treatment: Fungicide application.

Powdery Mildew: Stunted growth of the flowers, leaves, and shoots.
Treatment: Fungicide application.

Insects that Harm Trees and how to Remedy them

Insects can be tree pests but a lot of insects are actually beneficial and relevant for the normal growth and functioning of trees. For the most part, insects that harm trees can be classified into sucking (aphids, thrips, leafhoppers), boring (carpenter bee, beetles), and chewing (Beetles, caterpillars) insects.

Insecticide sprays and manual control are some of the common ways of managing tree pest problems.

Truth be told, you need not worry about it. once you notice any symptom of infestation in your plants. Just call us and we will come running to access the situation, diagnose the disease, and figure out a way to abolish it while maintaining the health of your plant, at an affordable price.
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