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Shrubs which grow closely together are called a hedge. Hedges can give a garden or outdoor space a very neat and pleasant look, since they are normally well maintained. There is a difference between formal and informal hedges. The formal hedge is very tightly clipped and is kept neat, whereas an informal hedge is allowed to grow more to its natural shape. Therefore a formal hedge needs more frequent trimming in comparison to an informal hedge.

Hedge trimming means to trim shrubs that are overgrown or extensively tall. The purpose of hedge trimming is to trim the hedges from the edges so it will give a pleasant view to the passersby around. Cutting of hedges in different shapes will give a more appealing look to the landscape in which they are standing.

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When is hedge trimming needed?

Trimming is needed to keep the shrubs compact and give them a dense look. The time to trim the shrubs depends upon the kind of trimming that is being performed. Know that one of them is formative pruning and the other is maintenance trimming. The former is done at the very first year of shrubs growth while the latter is consistently performed at intervals.

Try to carry out the maintenance trimming at least once a year for informal hedges and a minimum of twice per year is necessary for formal hedges. Sometimes, formal hedges require third time maintenance in the same year to keep them in shape. Trimming in the spring and summer seasons is preferable.

Trimming Tools

The trimming techniques and tools applied, solely depend upon the size and kind of shrub under the procedure. Smaller hedges can easily be trimmed by using merely hand held edges. However, an electric or petrol trimmer is recommended for the larger shrubs. Results will look much better and are less time consuming when using appropriate tools.

A lithium hedge trimmer is an appropriate tool providing the shrubs with the geometric shapes or any other form as desired. Other tools, such as loppers and handheld saws also give the desired results.

Benefits of Trimming

Regular trimmings will provide the plants with all the benefits for their better survival and growth. Some of these are

  • The growth of the leaves becomes denser than before. Thus, increasing the yield of the shrubs.
  • All the old or deceased herbs are likely to be removed from the tangled shrubs.
  • Roots have increased exposure to the sunlight. Hence, contributing to the overall wellness of the plant.
  • Provides an aesthetic view of the landscape with the on-point shrub.

Trimming Tips

  • Remove the thick branches at the earliest for better growth.
  • Manual shears are easy to handle. So, grab one of those.
  • Trim hedges in the mid-morning when the dew is evaporated and the moisture lessens.
  • Start trimming from the bottom of the hedge.

Final Thoughts

  • The type of the hedge plant and the style of the garden owners possess will dictate the hedge trimming timings, tools, and techniques applied. Besides hedge trimming, Tree service Hull also provides tree crown pruning and shaping. Hull tree surgeons can give you the details for your garden during a free survey.

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