Deep Root Fertilization Hull

Do your trees have trouble to survive? Call Tree Service Hull to fertilize your ground.

Soil nutrients

Want to know more about deep root fertilization, how it works, and how your trees can benefit from it? Read on.

Oftentimes, trees get all the nutrients they need for healthy growth straight from the soil, especially when they are in their natural habitat (forest). However, soils in urban settings tend to not be as fertile as the soil in the forest because some of the natural sources of nutrients; fallen leaves and branches are usually removed before decompose and provide nutrients to the soil. This isn’t the case in the forests, so forest trees get all the nutrients they need from their leaves and other natural sources. Deep root fertilization aims to solve the problem of insufficient nutrients, especially for trees in urban settings. This being said, maybe soil nutrients is not the main issue of your tree. We will inspect your tree for diseases, pruning requirements and other possible problems like ivy.

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What is Deep Root Fertilization?

Deep root fertilization is the process whereby a nutrient solution is injected into the soil surrounding a tree. With the aid of special apparatus, a nutrient solution (fertilizer) is injected below the surface so that it's closer to the tree’s roots and hence easier to absorb.

To determine what type of nutrient solution to use for your tree, we first analyze your soil, figure out the minerals that are lacking, and then prepare a nutrients solution to remedy any deficiency. For the most part, nutrient solutions are a mixture of Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium (NPK).

Nitrogen helps the plants stay healthy and develop protein. Phosphorus helps plants store energy and also helps in the process of photosynthesis. Potassium helps plants to resist diseases.

If you want to fertilize your tree via root feeding, you can reach out to us and we will help give your trees all the nutrients it needs to grow healthily. Let Tree service Hull be your tree fertilization company. Our certified and experienced arborists equal to the task. Call us today.

Signs that your Tree is unhealthy

How can you tell when it’s time to call a tree fertilization company? Look out for these signs.

  • Yellowing of tree leaves.
  • Stunted growth of new shoots.
  • Decay
  • Smaller leaves.
A graphic showing a tree and its roots under the soil
A black and white picture of a tree trunk and its roots
Tree roots visible on the ground
A pinewood forest viewed from above

Benefits of Deep Root Fertilization

Why consider root feeding? Why not apply fertilizer the conventional way; on the soil surface? What unique benefits does Deep root fertilization offer? Let’s dive in.

  • It helps plants grow lush and healthy foliage.
  • It helps plants resist diseases and pests better.
  • It aerates the soil, thereby letting plant roots absorb adequate oxygen.
  • It prevents the yellowing of leaves.
  • It boosts the mineral/nutrient value of the soil.

When is the right time to fertilize my trees?

Deep root fertilization is best done during the spring and fall months.  If Deep root fertilization is done during the spring, it gives the plants the nutrients they need to perform well during the growing season. If done during the fall, it helps plants store nutrients for the winter season.

I need Deep Root Fertilization near me

No worries. Our tree fertilization company is experienced and adequately equipped to handle all your deep root fertilization needs. Just call us and we will come to analyze your soil, your tree(s) and then figure out the right mixture of nutrients to administer.