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Trees are the source of oxygen for all the living creatures, provide shelter to birds, creates shade in any kind of natural adversity, and the attractive thing to look at enhancing the beauty of the surroundings. Taking care of them with the aid of tree surgeons and tree surgery will make them grow better and you feel better. Trees are not mainly a source of life, but also give a beautiful view and a calming atmosphere. If they provide so much for us, it is only a small thing to do to give a little bit back and take care of them.

Know about Tree Surgery

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Tree surgery includes all the activities that make the existing plants and trees lively. Providing a magnificent viewpoint to the landscape. Removing the dead branches, and taking care of the injured ones will contribute to the longevity of the tree. Furthermore, trimming of the upper ends of branches will furnish the tree in different shapes. All of these activities can be performed professionally by the tree surgeon.

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An arborist or a tree surgeon is a person who is specialized in the knowledge of trees, shrubs, herbs, vines, and various plant categories. He is the one performing tree surgery by taking into view all the pros and cons, applying appropriate techniques by using relevant equipment.

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Tree surgery, although it comes with a lot of effort, the outcomes it presents are all worth it. Some of them are

  • Improves the appearance of the landscape.
  • Improves the health of the plants.
  • Maintenance will in turn rise plants to trees, which are beneficial for the community as a whole.

Our services

Our team of friendly and experienced tree surgeons offers a wide variety of tree services. We can remove, plant, or clean up any tree which you require. Do you have a tree that you are worried about because it might be sick or covered in ivy? We are happy to help with any of your tree-related issues. We are active in Hull as well as the entire area around it. Just call us and we will come by for a free survey. If you do not find the service you require here below, just contact us to see what we can do. If it involves a tree, we are certain we can help you out.

Tree felling is the process of cutting trees down. It is one of the tasks from the logging process. Manual tree felling is one of the most risk-taking procedures to complete. For this task to be done efficiently, ensuring the safety of the feller and other surroundings, there is a need to plan it carefully. This followed by checking the direction of the fall and pruning the trunk.

Pollarding means to cut down the branches of the trees from the top that has made the crown-like shape. That includes cutting off any lower limb branches that are crossing each other. It is imperative to say that the tree will become less dense and fit into the desired landscape at the owner’s place.

When the stump of a tree is left behind. There are two options to choose from. One is to remove the tree stump by grinding it down and the other is to remove tree roots alongside the stump. The two phenomena may sound similar but practically they are entirely distinct from each other. Choose the one according to your requirements.

Tree planting once in a while will reap for the rest of a person’s life. The wellness of the tree, in the long run, will be determined by how and where it is being planted. Care taken of the plants will also make them grow and cultivate more with each passing year. Planting a tree will serve the whole community.

Hedge trimming means to trim shrubs that are overgrown or tall hedges. The purpose of hedge trimming is to trim the hedges from the edges so it will give a pleasant view to the passer-by around. Cutting of hedges in different shapes (topiary) will give a more appealing look to the landscape in which they are standing.

Crown reduction and shaping is one of the widely applied tree-surgery-related practices. It is meant to reduce the crown of the tree and weight on the individual branches. Giving the trees a very natural appearance on the whole.

The first and foremost thing for Japanese knotweed removal is to identify it. Further cutting could take place using techniques including smothering, cutting, herbicide, and digging. The best way to choose one technique among these is by considering the season and time of the year. Tools needed for its cutting depend on the technique employed.

Ivy is an evergreen plant. Removal of ivy from the base of the tree and its trunk enables the tree to breathe better. There is a need to cut the ivy leaves to the level of a person’s height to get it properly removed from a tree. Ivy can also grow on the ground or on houses. Removing Ivy is a tough and time-consuming job, but we can support.

Controlling insect diseases is one of the routes for plants care. In time, treatment and prevention from any kind of plant disease, if occur, is the only difference that it will make between the lively landscape and a perished piece of land. Adopt the proper steps of prevention and insect disease control to make the plants live longer.

Deep root fertilization is mandatory for the trees not having healthy soil. However, it can be done to provide nutrients to the soil. Nutrients are injected near the tree, into the roots, down the soil that penetrates and enhances the longevity of the tree.

Tree cabling and bracing provide extra support to the tree. Placing cables and bracing rods between the limbs of the tree properly will share the weight of the tree by redistributing it. If you have a tree that needs this kind of support, we can give you our expert guidance and perform the task.

Storm damage cleanup is a tip to make trees better off. Eliminate all those hazardous materials that the storm has bought with it to make the trees stand taller.  Some of the broken branches, fallen leaves, and debris are the outcomes of the storm. All these need to be cleaned by incorporating expert practices.

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